DVD Series Highlights

DVD Highlights

Introduction to Run
Stance – Splits – Levels – Duck Demeanor

Basic Run Blocking Techniques Part I
Blocking on the Angle – Head Position – Jump Turn -Phases of Contact (Dbl Under / Lazy Forearm / Rip / Shoulder Pry / Hand Check)

Basic Run Blocking Techniques Part II
Ways to Finish – (Climb / Climb & Shove / Climb & Torque / Resetting the Hat ) – Latteral Footwork – Set Turnout – Backside Blocking – Blocking LB’s – Blocking in Space

Basic Pass Blocking Part I
Kick Step – Target – 3/5 Tech Defender – Punching (Point Peck / Pount Counter / Point Under / Dbl Under / Resetting the Point Hand) – Stretching the Outside Shade – Tight 3 Tech – Post Step – Post & Cross Shove

Basic Pass Blocking Part II
Jumping – Tackle Pass Sets and Angles – The Bull Rush – Center Pass Blocking Techniques – DBP Drills

Introduction to Zone Theory
Mid Zone – Inside Zone – Outside Zone – Wide Zone – Backside

Zone Theory/Best Package
Mid Zone Weak – Wide Zone Strong – Blocking Fronts

Double Teams and Plays with Double Teams
Versus Different Type Defenders – Techniques – The Duo Play – Power Play – Iso – Lead Draw

Important Additions
Use of the Medicine Ball to Teach Blocking Techniques-Using Lateral Footwork to help the Front Side Guard, Center, Front Side Tackle, and Backside Guard and Tackle on Multiple Zone Schemes-Using Square Blocks to Help the Center, Guard, and Backside Guard/Tackle on multiple blocking schemes – New Concepts in Pass Protection

Voice Over Drill DVD
Voice Over Demonstration of Many of Coach McNally’s Staple Drills. To help in Teaching Technique and Building your Individual Teaching Periods for Practice.

Current Trends in Offense Line Play Clinic Presentation
Coach McNally’s Presentation from the 2009 Annual Offensive Line Clinic. The focus of the presentation is solving problems line coaches face in a number of schemes, plays, and techniques from research over the past year while working with programs of all levels.

Advanced Techniques from Coach McNally’s Updated Research: Run Blocking
Power Angles – Feet – New Duck Drill – Splits –Backside Blocking Techniques – Toe Step – Power Hook – Fast Feet –Kick & Hold – Jet Tech – Bluffs & Much More.

Advance Techniques: Pass Blocking & Labeling 3 Man Fronts for Pass Protection Rules
Knees – Pigeon Toe on Angle A/B – Getting to the Spot – # of Kicks – Pivoting –Keying the Near Arm – Bull Rush – Cutting Pressure – Identifying 3 Man Fronts for Pass Protection Rules.

New Misdirection Plays “The Scissor & Handback Series”
Bob Scissors – Bob U Scissors – Bob Both Scissors – Bob Sniper vs Under – Handback Plays.

Rules & Techniques for Blocking Inside, Outside, and Wide Zone Plays
Premesis of Zones – Problem Fronts – The Inside, Outside, and Wide Zone Plays versus Multiple Fronts with Techniques – Solving Problem Fronts – Zone vs the Bear Defense – G Force on Wide Plays – Tackle Pull Techniques on Wide Plays.

Enhancments and Ajdustments to Earlier Topics
Foot Fire – Tight Hands – The 2nd Step – Square Blocking – Splittage – Tackle Adjustments for the 3-4, Overlapping, Backside Blocking Techniques

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