2013 Retreat Collection

Jim McNally Teaching Series 2013 Retreat Collection

Entire Teaching DVD Set (DVD’s 1 to 16) $260
2013 Retreat DVD Collection $130
2012 Retreat DVD Collection $60
2011 Retreat DVD Collection $60
2010 Retreat DVD Collection $40
ENTIRE Collection (2010, 11, 12, 13 Retreats) $450
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About the Retreat:
On February 22 & 23, 2013, Jim McNally (Offensive Consultant – Cincinnati Bengals), Rich Erdelyi (Hybrid Wing T Specialist-Carnegie Mellon), Mike Bajakian(Spread Offense/Offensive Coordinator Tennessee), Kerry Coombs (Odd Front Defense/Special Teams/Ohio State) and Jay Niswonger (Run and Shoot Offense), spent 2 days in a intimate setting with a select number of coaches who registered and came to the Higher Ground Conference Center in Indiana.

The Retreat (27 hours of video) was professionally captured and edited to give you a front row seat to the Clinic. You may have not been able to make the retreat, but you can purchase this outstanding retreat collection to study over and over. If you run any form of Wing T, Option, Spread Offense, Zone, Odd Defense, Run and Shoot, or want to be up on the latest trends in special teams, then you need to grab this collection of DVD’s. With Shipping, the 2013 Retreat Collection is priced less than $10 per DVD.

Below is DVD Information, with just a taste of Topics on Each DVD (the DVD’s are about 2 hours each with many topics).

DVD 1 Jim McNally – Current Trends in Offensive Scheme (The Pistol/Jet Sweep, Multiple New Plays ans Blocking Techniques
DVD 2 Mike Bajakian- The Spread Offense Part I (The Passing Game)
DVD 3 Mike Bajakian – The Spread Offense Part II (The Run Game in the Spread)
DVD 4 Mike Bajkian – The Spread Offense Part II (The Snag Concept, Play Action Pass Game)
DVD 5 Mike Bajkian – The Spread Offense Part IV (Redzone Offense and Pass Concepts)
DVD 6 Rich Erdelyi – The Hybrid Wing T Offense Part I (Run and Pass Game)
DVD 7 Rich Erdelyi – The Hybrid Wing T Offense Part II (Run and Pass Continued, The Either Or Game and the Audible System)
DVD 8 Rich Erdelyi- They Hybrid Wing T Offense Part III (Attacking in the Redzone, Practice Organization, and Game Planning)
DVD 9 Kerry Coombs – Coverage Concepts – Cover 3 and Quarters Coverage
DVD 10 Kerry Coombs – Special Teams (Punt-Punt Return – KO – KOR)
DVD 11 Kerry Coombs – The Odd Front Defense (Fronts, Alignments, Blitz, Coverage)
DVD 12 Jay Niswonger – The Run and Shoot Offense Part I – Putting the Run in the Shoot
DVD 13 Jay Niswonger – The Run and Shoot Offense Part II – The Basis of the Run and Shoot Offense, The Passing Game
DVD 14 Jay Niswonger – The Run and Shoot Offense Part II – The Screen Game and the Gangster Offense

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