2012 Retreat Collection

Jim McNally Teaching Series 2012 Retreat Collection

About the Retreat:
On February 24 & 25, 2012, Jim McNally (Offensive Consultant – Cincinnati Bengals), Tony DeMeo (Triple Gun Option Specialist), and Mike Stock (Special Teams Consultant), spent 2 days in a intimate setting with a select number of coaches who registered and Filled out the Higher Ground Conference Center in Indiana. The Retreat (21 hours of video) was professionally captured and edited to give you a front row seat to the Clinic. You may have not been able to make the retreat, but you can purchase this outstanding retreat collection to study over and over. If you run any form of option, Run the Zone or want to be up to date on Current Trends in Offensive Scheme, or you want to learn all phases of special teams from one of the best special teams minds in football, then you need to grab this collection of DVD’s. With Shipping, the 2012 Retreat Collection is priced less than $10 per DVD.

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DVD Information, with just a taste of Topics on Each DVD, The DVD’s are about 2 hours each with Many topics

DVD 1 Jim McNally – Current Trends in Offensive Scheme Part 1 (New Footwork, Brace Foot, Step Terminology, Center Footwork, Tight Inside Zone, Outside Zone vs 50 Fronts, Overlapping…)
DVD 2 Jim McNally – Current Trends in Offensive Scheme Part 2 (Blocking Games, A Gap Power, Wide Hand Off Plays, Lead Back Plays, Line Rules on Screens, One Back Power, Wild Cat…)
DVD 3 Jim McNally – Current Trends in Offensive Scheme Part 3 (The Falcon’s Play (2 unblocked), The Falcon’s Play from the Spread, Big Scheme Packers Play, The Titan’s Sprint Draw, 6 man Protection…)
DVD 4 Tony DeMeo – The Triple Gun Run Offense Part 1 – (Meaningful Stats, Why Triple Gun, Compressed Sets, Exotic Formations, Motions, Smart Splits, Tailback Play, QB Play, Schemes vs Multiple Fronts…)
DVD 5 Tony DeMeo – The Triple Gun Offense – Part 2 (Pass Game Intro, QB Points, Quick Pass Game, Protections In Quick Game, The Hitch, Hitch out of Multiple Formations, Stick and Fade, Slice, Stretch Pass…)
DVD 6 Tony DeMeo – The Triple Gun Pass Offense Part 3 (Wrinkles to the Stretch Pass, Crossers Pass, Wheel Post Out, Post Out Wheel, Practice Plan, How to Practice the Triple Gun Offense…)
DVD 7 Mike Stock – Special Teams Part 1 (Special Teams Philosophy, Principals, Rules, Goals, Punt Protection, Punt Alignment and Splits, Punt Footwook, Punt Drills, Responsibilities by Position…)
DVD 8 Mike Stock – Special Teams Part 2 (PAT/FG Protection, the Brace Step, Fakes, Fire-Fire, Hurry Up Field Goal, FG Block, Covering Odd Formations…)
DVD 9 Mike Stock – Special Teams Part 3 (Kick Off, Alignment, Schemes, Adjustments, Directional Kicking, Impact Plays, KOR Introduction, Blocking Punt vs Multiple Looks…)
DVD 10 Mike Stock – Special Teams Part 4 (Other KO Alignments, Crossers and Bullets, Coaching 3-2-1 on KO, Teaching Punt Protection, Punt Return, Covering Odd Punt Formations, KO Drills…)
DVD 11 Final Topics for Consideration, Jim McNally, Tony DeMeo (The Triple Screen, Match up KOR FG Placement Alignments, More Fake FG Ideas, Tackle Protection on Drop Back, The QB Iso, The Half Reverse…)

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