2010 Retreat Collection

Jim McNally Teaching Series 2010 Retreat Collection

About the Retreat:
On February 26 & 27, 2010, Coach McNally held a two day football retreat at the Higher Ground Conference Center in West Harrison Indiana. This unique football weekend was to give coaches two days and 12 hours in an intimate setting that was conducive to learning, to spend with Coach McNally in all phases of offensive football.

The two day retreat with Jim was professionally filmed in its entirety. Although you may have missed the retreat you now have the opportunity to sit in the front row and study the retreat sessions over and over at your convenience. The quality of the DVD’s are excellent, and will prove to be a valuable tool in preparations for the upcoming season and beyond.

Below is a breakdown of the retreat sessions by DVD.

DVD 1 Philosophy of Run Blocking “Basic Foundations of Run Blocking, High Leg, Blocking Surfaces”
DVD 2 Philosophy of Run Blocking Continued “Center Blocking Rules, Moving Laterally, Don’t Walk Around the Block, Drive Blocks, Zone Blocks, Rotating Your Body, Hooking a Defender, Deep Toe Step, Double Teams”
DVD 3 Chalk Talk Session: “Double Team on Power Plays, Diagonal DBL Teams, Hand Placement on the DBL Team, Tackle and TE DBL Teams, Running Duo, Splits, Pass Protection, Posture, Widen the Pocket, Pass Angles
DVD 4 Zone Plays vs Multiple Fronts, More on the Duo, More DBL Team Plays, Drills, Continued Focus on Pass Pro Techniques
DVD 5 Drills with Players and Teaching with Players
DVD 6 Finishing Pass Pro, Drills, the Jet Sweep, Quick Game Blocking, Creating Drills, Scissors Plays

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