About the DVD Series…

“Since I stepped away from Coaching in January of 2008, I have been as busy as every traveling the country and working with high school, college, and NFL Teams as a consultent for all aspects of Offensive Theory and of course Offensive Line Play. I am truely committed to helping coaches of all levels with the coaching points and knowledge of the game I have developed from 43 years on the sideline as a coach in College and the NFL. This new juncture in my career has been a great opportunity to work with coaches off all levels in the clinic and consulting setting in giving them all I know and believe about Offensive Philosophy and of course Offensive Line Play. In this time period, there has been a tremendous interest in putting my coaching points and theory on DVD. In working with people I trust, I found an affordable way to bring all I know to you in a professional, step by step teaching series. This is just a starting point, but it is a tremendous fundamental base for Offensive Line play and Offensive Theory. I look forward to your feedback and suggestions on topics for future DVD’s. I look forward to seeing you on the Clinic circuit and hope this 15 Piece Teaching Set is a great help to you as I believe it will be!”

Jim McNally Teaching Series

DVD 1 Introduction to Run
DVD 2 Basic Run Blocking Techniques Part I
DVD 3 Basic Run Blocking Techniques Part II
DVD 4 Basic Pass Blocking Part I
DVD 5 Basic Pass Blocking Part II
DVD 6 Introduction to Zone Theory
DVD 7 Zone Theory/Best Package
DVD 8 Double Teams and Plays with Double Teams
DVD 9 Important Additions: The Medicine Ball, Lateral Footwork, Square Blocking, New Pass Pro Concepts
DVD 10 Voice Over Drill DVD.
DVD 11 Current Trends in Offense Line Play Clinic Presentation
DVD 12 Advanced Techniques from Coach McNally’s Updated Research: Run Blocking
DVD 13 Advance Techniques: Pass Blocking & Labeling 3 Man Fronts for Pass Protection Rules
DVD 14 New Misdirection Plays “The Scissor & Handback Series”
DVD 15 Rules & Techniques for Blocking Inside, Outside, and Wide Zone Plays
DVD 16 Enhancements and Adjustments to Earlier Topics